What's on

The family life of the church continues albeit differently with the pandemic; we have had some new ventures and some things have had to stop.
Inside church from front looking at seating


We have a hybrid meeting on Sunday; you can attend in-person in the building or online via Zoom at 11 a.m. We also meet for a 30 minute mid-week service on Wednesday at 10.30 a.m. All are welcome and more information can be found here.

Screenshot of Zoom service overlayed with welcome message
Sunday in building service of congregation from back of sanctuary

Prayer times

Prayer flyer with Bible open in Psalms

 A small group meet together on Monday evenings online to pray silently or out loud over things on the world, nationally, locally, for the church and personally – whatever people are comfortable with.

We also have a joint Prayer Breakfast with Cathcart Trinity Church online fortnightly on Saturdays. It has been a restful time of peace and stillness listening to God and bringing our thoughts to Him .. and it is a great blessing to be able to share with our partner church!

Prayer Garden

Front of church from Struan Road
Front of church from Struan Road
Church garden - from Struan Road looking at front door and window with prayer theme display
Church garden from Kildary Road with two people sat on the benches

A quiet space for all to rest. All are welcome to have a walk around the garden, have a rest and a bit of quiet time. We have seasonal topics on display for contemplation and to pray over. We hope you will find the garden a helpful place!

Church garden with two people - one on bench and one on picnic chair with drinks
Church garden - stone with verse on 'Rest'
Church garden from Kildary Road

Sofa Groups

Sofa Groups – Small groups of varying sizes with members from both Cathcart United Free Church and Cathcart Trinity Church meet together regularly – day and times vary depending on the group. Activities can include looking at the Bible together, prayer, and informal chats. This gives us the opportunity to get to know each other!

Youth and Families

Youth and Families – CYMP provides invaluable support for our young people and families in the community. The programmes help to develop faith, relationships and skills, which is extremely encouraging, supportive and beneficial, for young people of all ages, their families. CYMP events enables the young people to share with each other and reach out to the wider church family and community.

With Covid, CYMP has continued online and in person with activities like holiday club, weekly quiz,  Sunday morning youth group Fusion, Illuminate and Kaio (youth discipleship). More information can be found on their website.