Journeying with Jesus through Easter week

We have a few activities happening over Easter across the churches in Cathcart. 

We hope you will enjoy them and find them encouraging!

Church garden from Kildary Road

Labyrinth of Prayer

Tuesday, 26th March at 7-9pm, Cathcart Trinity

Wednesday, 27th March at 10-12pm, Cathcart Trinity

Passion Play

Wednesday, 27th March at 2pm, King’s Park Parish

Wednesday 27th March at 8pm, St Margaret’s Newlands

Maundy Thursday Communion Service

Thursday, 28th March

7-8pm at Cathcart Baptist Church

image of goblets and bread for communion with part of wooden cross in background

Good Friday

Friday, 29th March
Reflecting on the events of Good Friday

10.30am at Cathcart UF – on Struan Road and on Zoom.
Please contact us for Zoom joining details.

Cafe in Cathcart UF 10-12.30pm

Large cross with two smaller to side and sun shining from behind

Easter Saturday

Saturday, 30th March

Silent Garden @ Cathcart UF, Cathcart Trinity and Cathcart Baptist Church Gardens

Easter Sunday

Sunday, 31st March

Large cross with two smaller on either side with text 'He is risen' superimposed on image

Celebrate Easter Sunday together!

11.00-12.15 Easter Morning Service @ Cathcart UF
Join us in-building on Struan Road or on Zoom!

6.30-7.30 Easter Praise Night @ Cathcart Trinity

Please contact us for Zoom joining details.